Digital Earth Resistance Tester GT5105A

Digital Earth Resistance Tester GT5105A

Digital Earth Resistance Tester GT5105A

This instrument is controlled by intelligent micro controller chip, with high accuracy and high reliability; it can be used to measure grounding resistance of various power facilities wiring, electrical equipment, lightning protection equipment and other grounding devices, and it can also measure ground voltage. (Note: This instrument is not suitable for harsh outdoor environmental conditions, such as raining, lightning, etc.)

این ابزار توسط تراشه هوشمند میکروکنترلر ، با دقت بالا و قابلیت اطمینان بالا کنترل می شود. از آن می توان برای اندازه گیری مقاومت زمین در انواع سیم کشی ، تجهیزات الکتریکی ، تجهیزات حفاظت از صاعقه و سایر دستگاه های اتصال به زمین ، و همچنین می توان ولتاژ زمین را اندازه گیری کرد. (توجه: این ابزار برای شرایط سخت محیطی از قبیل باران ، صاعقه و غیره مناسب نیست)


1.1 Measurement range and measurement error

(under condition of 20℃±5℃and≤75%RH)

Basic Function
2000Ω(two wires)
Ground voltage

Digital Earth Resistance Tester GT5105A

1.2 Application standard:

IEC 61010-1 CAT.Ⅲ 600V Pollution degree 2
CAT.Ⅰ 5000V Pollution degree 2
IEC 61326-1 (EMC standard)
IEC 60529 (IP40)

1.3 measurement method:

(1) Ground voltage measurement: average response
(2) Ground resistance measurement: test signal frequency:
about 820Hz, current: 20Ω about 3.2mA
1.4 Working environment: temperature: 5℃~ 40℃; relative
humidity:≤80 ~ RH (no fog) Altitude≤2000 meters
1.5 Storage conditions: temperature: -20 ~ 60 ℃; relative
humidity:≤70% RH (no fog)
1.6 Power supply: 9V power supply [1.5V (No. 5 alkaline
battery) * 6]
1.7 Overload protection:

Ground resistance: 200V AC (10 seconds)
Ground voltage: 400V AC (30 seconds)
1.8 Insulation resistance: The insulation resistance between
measurement circuit and case is not less than 20MΩ
1.9 Dimensions: 176mm * 77mm * 110mm