دستگاه ضخامت سنج آلتراسونیک DM5E
ترموویژن DT-982

دستگاه ضخامت سنج آلتراسونیک DM5E

دستگاه ضخامت سنج آلتراسونیک DM5E

دستگاه ضخامت سنج آلتراسونیک DM5E کرات کرامر ساخت جنرال الکتریک امریکا GE

DM5E Series Wall Thickness Gage


قیمت دستگاه ضخامت سنج التراسونیک ساخت شرکت Krautkaramer کراتکرامر مدل DM5

دستگاه ضخامت سنج التراسونیک DM5 جهت اندازه گیری ضخامت قطعه دارای سه مدل می باشد.
DM5 Basic, DM5 E و DM5 DL
این دستگاه قابلیت ضخامت سنجی به صورت نقطه ای و هم به صورت اسکن را دارا می باشد.

در مدل DM5 Dl میتوان ضخامت های اندازه گیری شده را ذخیره و یا به کامپیوتر منتقل نمود.

 دستگاه ضخامت سنج التراسونیک مدل DM5 ساخت GE
دستگاه ضخامت سنج التراسونیک مدل DM5 ساخت GE

دستگاه DM5 نیز مانند سایر دستگاه های ساخت کمپانی GE / Krautkramer دارای مدل های و تنوع مختلف می باشد. در صورت نیاز به اطلاعات بیشتر و قیمت دستگاه ضخامت سنج می توانید کاتالوگ دستگاه را از بخش مربوطه دانلود نموده یا با کارشناسان فروش این شرکت تماس حاصل فرمایید.

این شرکت طی پنج سال گذشته بیش از 100 نوع از دستگاه های ساخت شرکت GE/Krautkramer را به صنایع مختلف فروخته و تنها شرکتی است که خدمات پس از فروش واقعی به دستگاه های مارک Krautkramer در ایران ارائه می نماید.

ضخامت سنج التراسونیک DM5 سری جدید ضخامت سنج های شرکت GE بوده که برای خطوط لوله، لوله های فشار و مخازن در صنعت نفت و گاز به کار برده می شود.

این ضخامت سنج اولتراسونیک به جهت طراحی منحصر به فردش دارای صفحه کلیدی می باشد که مانع دخول آب و ضد گرد و غبار می باشد.

سری های عرضه شده توسط شرکت سازنده :

»» DM5E Basic: دارای مود Min/Max،  B-Scan
»» DM5E: قابلیت ضخامت سنجی از روی روکش و پوشش را دارا می باشد.
»» DM5E DL: این سری از ضخامت سنج علاوه بر اینکه قابلیت ضخامت سنجی از روی روکش و پوشش را دارد، امکان ذخیره 50،000ضخامت های خوانده شده و انتقال به PC را دارا می باشد.

The DM5E series wall thickness gages enables you to accomplish a large number of demanding tasks, especially with remaining wall thickness measurements on components subjected to corrosion and erosion.

The DM5E Series wall thickess gages are smart, simple-to-use ultrasonic thickness gages that offer big ultrasonic performance in a small lightweight package. Compact size and ergonomic shape provide comfortable one-hand use.

Three levels

There are three versions in the DM5E Family, which offer three levels of functionality:

The DM5E Basic
The DM5E Series comes in a rugged housing and ergonomically designed with a weight of just 223g, including its AA batteries, which allow up to 60 hours of operation. The basic version is specified to EN 15317 and features an LCD, which is backlit to be visible in all lighting conditions. Instrument operation is carried out with one hand via a user-friendly interface. This is a sealed, watertight and dust-proof membrane keypad, which features a minimum of function keys and arrow keys. Navigation through menus is simple and intuitive. The basic version incorporates a wide range of features including Min/Max capture, B-Scan generation, alarms and differential thickness measurement to allow instant comparison between measured and nominal thickness.

The DM5E
Incorporates DUAL MULTI operating mode. This invaluable feature provides measuring thickness of metal through coatings. There is no need to remove the coating at the measuring point, saving time and money.

Incorporates datalogger supporting grid style data file formats. This is capable of holding up to 50,000 readings. Files can be transferred to a PC by means of a Mini USB Com port or imported directly into Microsoft Excel through a macro. All alphanumeric data for filenames and notes is directly entered via the key pad.

Thickness Measurement Under Coating

Both the DM5E and the DM5E DL offer Dual Multi Measurement. Virtually all components and structures subjected to thickness measurement will have some kind of protective coating. Such coatings, including paint, contribute significant error to thickness measurements of underlying metal walls when using conventional methods. In addition, the removal of coatings, and their subsequent reapplication, involves considerable cost and time. With the field proven Dual Multi feature there is no need to remove any protective coating. It is only necessary to select Dual Multi mode, place the probe in position and take the measurement.

User-Friendly Operator Interface

All versions of the DM5E have the same user-friendly operator keypad interface. This has a central Mode key, a calibration/on/off key, two function arrow keys to activate and set functional control and four arrow keys for adjusting parameter values and for navigating through the intuitive single level menu. The keypad allows access to all calibration, set-up and measurement display modes of the instrument. With the DL version, a file display mode allows users to create and store thickness reading s in files. All calibration is menu-driven and the operator is guided through every step. There is a built-in calibration reminder, which can be set to remind the user to calibrate after a specified number of measurements or after a given time period.

New Range of High Performance Probes

A new set of ultrasonic probes has been developed for the DM5E family to provide the instruments with optimized performance, even at very high temperatures. The DA5xx series complies with EN 15317 and includes a 5 MHz standard probe for general purpose applications, a 2MHz version, for high penetration as well as a 7.5MHz fingertip probe. A newly developed 5MHz high temperature probe offers an operating range from -10°C up to +204°C. (Standard probes operate to 70°C)

Flexible Data Processing

The DM5E DL has a built-in datalogger, with a capacity to store up a massive 50,000 reading in grid and linear files. This makes the measurement data available for further processing. Using our UltraMATE software. Measurement data files can be transferred from the instrument to a PC, where they can be stored and, if required, printed out in different fixed format reports. Typically, these can be colour histograms, where ranges of measured values are colour-coded, or colour can be used to highlight the distribution of minimum/maximum limit values exceeded. Data can also be pasted into Windows Clipboard for easy transfer into spreadsheet and word processing applications.

A Range of Measurement Displays

All versions of the DM5E offer a range of measurement displays.

  • Normal: the thickness value appears as large digits in the centre of the display.
  • MIN Scan: a minimum thickness scan that allows the user to run the probe over the wall surface. After the evaluation period, the minimum material thickness measured is displayed.
  • MAX Scan: a maximum thickness scan is exactly the same as a MIN Scan apart from the fact that the maximum thickness measured is displayed.
  • DIFF/RR%: compares the measured thickness with a user-specified nominal thickness. The dimensional difference between the two values is displayed, as is the percentage difference.




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دستگاه ضخامت سنج آلتراسونیک DM5E

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